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Transporter Train Horse Racing


Play as perfect jockey competing against the best horse racers around the world. Racing horses are your cargo in this game. Become a euro truck driver to transport horse to railway station and transport it to their desired stations in euro train simulator. Load your big truck in cargo plane and fly into the skies and be the transporter airplane flight pilot. Your transportation duty includes delivering the wild horse to race tracks. Horse training has been long enough now, it’s time to step inside the horse racing tracks. Get ready for experiencing the most epic racing in “Transporter Train Horse Racing” 3D Game.Heavy vehicles driver, drive heavy big truck to excavate through and transport the horse to their destination in time. Be a city truck driver get behind the wheels, buckle up your seat belt and hold your steering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride. You are assigned for a transportation duty. Load your cargo transporter truck 2016 with the world’s best derby horse you’ve just bought and transport it to the railway station and load the transporter big truck in train sim. Make your offRoad train departure and arrivals on time. Get the thrilling feel with realistic offroad driving adventure train driving simulator on hills and mountains. Show your driving skills as a pro train driver. Don’t miss out on any stations on travelling train trip. Now drive your transport truck reach the city airport and load the horse in airplane. Take off the newest transporting challenge be the transporter pilot and fly your cargo airplane over the ocean to breathtaking island. This is the best of cargo airplane flight simulator game.This is the most realistic 3D horse derby racing simulation game on which contains amazing 3D graphics, realistic smooth game play, best 3D animations and amazing challenges. Ride on your horse, cross number of hurdles and obstacles on your way and play as a perfect jockey taking full control of your derby horse speed racing ultimate on the surface of the grand race course. This is truly an action packed racing 3D game that brings the experience and emotions of a derby race championship. Join the real world of horse racing champions! Now saddle up, steer your virtual horse to reach the World Championships! Challenge yourself and see how much you can win in this horse frenzy simulator. Transporter Train Horse Racing Features• Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles• Transport Cargo on Airplane, Truck and Train• Thrill of flying Plane over different island• Awesome 3D driving train physics • Amazing 3D graphics with optimized gameplay • Ultimate horse racing simulation• Ground breaking physics for smooth control